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SEO Expert on Mumbai who can deliver Results

SEO can give you good returns over a long period, but you must be patient and keep working on the website. 

Many SEO experts in Mumbai claim to rank your website on the first page of Google in just one or two months. Although if you ask them about their website, you need help finding it in the top 10 positions.

 Even with low-competition keywords, ranking in that tie period is impossible. It will take at least three months to get decent rankings in Google. 

So, how can you find genuine SEO specialists in this age of fake gurus and experts? Past results speak louder than words. Our website ranks well in Google. For example, if you search for SEO consultants in Mumbai, SEO specialists in Mumbai, etc, you will find our website. These are very highly competitive keywords. These rankings were achieved in a 1-year time frame with constant work and tweaking.

So if you want to take my SEO services, you can call or WhatsApp me. If you want to see good results, you must work with me for at least six months. Many clients have been working with me for 2-3 years. They see some fantastic results.

Ohh, While selling my services, I just remembered that I had to introduce myself. I have studied at IIT Bombay. At IIT Bombay, I learned all about coding and website making. I was building websites, but no traffic was coming onto them. Then I came to know about SEO. I started to learn and implement SEO on my websites. Doing SEO made me realize that building websites were accessible, but ranking them was way more complicated.

Once my websites started ranking, my friends approached me to work on their websites. I just kept on doing and learning.

When I was doing that, I realized that it was not only me and my friends struggling to rank their websites on Google. Thousands of other small businesses may be going through the same.

In 2018 I started providing freelancing SEO services in Mumbai. I started with small shops in Powai nearby to IIT area. Today I am providing full-time seo services in Mumbai. I have worked with numerous clients from Mumbai and abroad in the last five years. I have ranked thousands of websites on the first page of Google for their targeted keywords.

Working on numerous websites made me realize that every industry needs a different approach. It’s not like you can rank a real estate website using the same mehtodlgyes you applied to rank a Dentist shop or educational institute.

Benefits of hiring me as your SEO Experts in Mumbai

I deliver results in a timely bound manner. I dont fool my clients for 2 to 3 years. I have seen that with many small businesses very recently. One business owner from Thane approached me, saying that he wanted to rank for a particular keyword in the Thane region.

He was already working with an SEO company In Mumbai for the last three years but could not. After analyzing that keyword, I learned it was a low-difficulty keyword, so there would not have been a problem.

I asked his website name, and you will not believe his website was not even secured, so you can imagine what kind of work that SEO agency was doing. They have not created 5-6 pages in the last three years.

The first work of any SEO specialist is to make the website secure. But it was not secured, and hardly any content was created. They were taking 15k every month from that business owner and doing nothing. I work with only limited clients and take care of their websites.

Another factor of working with me as your freelancer SEO expert is that I do not use any black hat technics to get quick results. By doing that website can get banned or hit by a Google algorithm update. And if this happens, you will lose all traffic.

Ok, so you want an SEO expert in Mumbai, why not hire one living in Mumbai? I have lived in Mumbai for the last eight years and running my freelancing projects. I will help you generate quality leads by ranking on the first page of Google.

I have worked with more than 150 brands and have significantly increased their organic traffic. I have worked in many industries, including medical, real estate, education, and equipment. I can help you in ranking your website for your services. 

My charges are also very affordable. If you go to any SEO Agency in Mumbai, they will charge you very high as other costs are involved. I primarily work solo. However, I have one highly qualified content writer with me. She has done journalism at one of the top colleges in Mumbai.

She helps me in creating quality content for our clients. If you want to rank your website on the first page of Google, creating quality content is the most important thing. Without content, there is no SEO. We create original thought-proving content that convinces your website and visitors to take your services.

Is hiring an SEO Consultant Important?

Very Helpful in boosting website traffic

Let me tell you, the business environment in Mumbai is becoming very competitive every day. Nowadays, most businesses in Mumbai work with an SEO consultant or an SEO agency. Everyone wants to rank on the first page of Google.

Today more than 90 percent of people first search on Google and then buy any service. And they also have no choice because people hardly know each other in big cities. We don’t even know who our neighbor is; you can guess. Thats why if they need any service, they do a Google search.

You need to rank on the first page of Google for your service. That way, you can acquire new customers and grow your business. And for doing that, you need an SEO expert in Mumbai.

Have you ever heard about Hubspot? It is a billion-dollar company that generates most of its leads through SEO. Their website ranks for lakhs of keywords, and they have millions of traffic on their website.

Google Ads are a Little Expensive

Although Google ads are one of the good ways to generate leads, day by day, they are becoming a little expensive, so if you want to see good growth in your business in the long term, investing in SEO is one of the best decisions you can ever make.

If you keep working only on Google ads, your competitors will crush you, as many are investing in both Google ads and SEO. So it would be best if you paid attention to this thing.

SEO helps in Building Trust

SEO is beneficial in building trust with your potential customers. If your website ranks well in Google, it increases their trust in your brand. Even if you have a small shop and a customer finds that on Google, the chances of him purchasing from your shop increase manifold.

According to Google, 78% of people who search for something nearby on their phones visit the business within a day.

Generate Quality leads

Hiring an SEO expert in Mumbai is very important if you want to generate quality leads through SEO. I have seen the business generating hundreds of leads daily.

If you don’t believe me, see the screenshot given below this. This is a particular website for which I did SEO. They provide coaching classes and are ranked on the first page of Google for their services. As a result, a lot of traffic is coming to their website.

There are two ways by which they generate leads. First of all, they have a contact form on their website. So if anyone fills that form, they get potential customers’ details on their gmail. Second, they have mentioned their mobile number on their website, so most people call them directly instead of filling out the form. That coaching fee is around 4 Laksh for two years so we can calculate the revenue.

What kind of SEO Services do I provide in Mumbai:

Local SEO Services in Mumbai

Do you have a small business in Mumbai and want to rank in your area for particular keywords? Don’t worry; I can help you with that. I have ranked many small local businesses in Mumbai in the Google map pack.

If you rank in google pack, then customers can directly call you. This is very helpful for acquiring new customers. There are some dedicated methodologies by using that these rankings can be achieved.

So give your local SEO work to one of the best SEO experts in Mumbai, akka me, and you will only have to focus on handling your customer queries.

Website SEO in Mumbai

So you have a website and want to rank it for the keywords related to products or services. Dont worry, I got you covered. I have ranked more than 10k keywords on the first page of Google. So I know what I am doing. Just give me a Call or WhatsApp.

E-Commerce SEO consultant in Mumbai

Are you running any e-commerce business and want to rank your product pages? Well, don’t worry about it. In the case study below, you will see how I ranked one of my clients from New Zealand on the first page of Google for their products.

They sell products related to womens. Earlier, they were not found in the top 30 positions. Now they are ranking on the first page of Google.

#Hire Best SEO Expert in Mumbai

SEO agency Vs SEO freelancer

First, let me tell you what kind of difference it will make if you hire an SEO agency or an SEO freelancer in Mumbai. Most of the SEO agencies in Mumbai work with hundreds of clients.

So they would not be that dedicated to your business, and on top of that, the owner of that particular SEO agency is not going to do the SEO of your website himself as he would already be very busy with client handling.

I worked at an SEO agency in Mumbai for a brief period, and the owner was hardly involved in the client’s SEO. He had hired many interns from the college who are now doing SEO for their clients.

As an SEO specialist in Mumbai, I only work with a few clients. I am completely involved in implementing all kinds of SEO techniques on their website, and I always keep my clients in the loop.

Without a dedicated SEO expert, it will take years to rank your website to rank on the first page of Google.

There are many other benefits also. For example, if you hire a freelancer seo expert in Mumbai, they will not upsell you their other services. 

SEO Agencies will always ask you to take their other services.

How much SEO Expert in Mumbai Cost?

Most freelancer SEO experts in Mumbai charge from 10k to 50k per month, depending on the number of pages and keywords to be optimized. SEO Agencies in Mumbai generally charge around 20k to 50k for optimizing 10-30 pages.

Freelance SEO experts would be more affordable for you in the long term and will produce better results. If you hire a Freelancer, you would know who is doing your SEO, and if you go to an SEO agency, you would not even know who is doing your SEO.

Factors that Affect the SEO

On-page SEO 

  • Optimizing your website for a good user experience.
  • Designing a good website architecture.
  • Internally linking the relevant pages.

Use of relevant meta description 

It would help if you always used the relevant meta description. It tells web crawlers what your page is all about. Apart from that, it also increases your click-through rate(CTR)

Make Sure Your Website is Secured 

It is one of the critical things if you want your website to be ranked on Google. So you should have an SSL certificate installed on your website. 

I recently found the website of an SEO Company in Mumbai, and their website needed to be secured. And they were providing SEO services in Mumbai, so just think what kind of fool they are making out of the people. Their website is not even secured, and they’re saying that they will rank your website.

Good User Experience 

This is one of the most critical tasks for you as a business owner to provide a great user experience. If anyone is visiting your website, then they should get their query resolved. 

If a user comes to your website and suddenly bounces back, they do not find the relevant information. It will send a wrong signal to Google. The more time the user spends on your website, the better the rankings.

The website should be Mobile friendly

Mobile-friendliness is one of the most essential things for any website to rank. What does it mean by mobile friendliness? It means your website should be dynamic, and it should adjust itself depending on the size of the user’s mobile screen.

There is another factor that is very important for a better user experience is that your site should load very fast. If it is doing so, the users will stay on your website, and as a result, the rankings of your website will improve. 

According to Google, your website should load within 3 seconds for better results; otherwise, 53% of the users will leave the website.(

Page SEO involves backlink-building, PR, social media proofs, etc. For that, you have to work with an SEO expert so that they can implement these things for you. This is one of the most challenging tasks. 

My Role as Mumbai SEO expert

First, I will analyze your website and determine whether your page SEO is done correctly. I will generate a complete report on that and share it with you.

Most businesses who approached me need to do their on-page SEO properly. So will work on that. Once I have done that, I will do a competitor analysis. This is the second step in the SEO part.

By doing compitiotrs’competitors the analysis, we can get their SEO strategies. We will also be able to know what things they are doing differently from others.

After that, we will generate a lot of keyword ideas that will be relevant to your business. If you have keywords in your mind, then you can give those keywords. 

Once it is done, we must create quality content around that keyword. I prefer a silo structure for better ranking. Creating content and posting on the website is just the tip of the iceberg. After that, the off-page starts, like link building, PR, social signals, etc.


What kind of results can you expect from an SEO expert in Mumbai?

In most cases, I can rank the website within six months. Once we complete the plan and implement all the strategies, new will start seeing results within three months. In some cases, if the competition is very high, it may take more than six months to rank for a particular keyword.

If the competition is very high, we must create more quality content and pass internal link juice from one page to another.

Can an SEO specialist in Mumbai rank your websites within one month?

Let me frankly tell you, if any SEO expert in Mumbai is saying that he can rank the website within one month, he is lying to you or using some black hat technique. SEO takes at least 4 to 5 months to show some results, so if anyone says they can rank your website within one month, I will avoid them. 

Is SEO important?

Yes, today, SEO is more important than ever before because, along with the time, the cost of running ads will keep increasing, so if you start implementing SEO today, you can do good business in the long term.

One of the great things about SEO is that when a particular page of your website ranks on the first page of Google, it does not only rank for one keyword. It will be ranking for a lot of keywords.

When can you expect the first-page ranking?

If the keywords you are trying to rank are not highly competitive, we can expect results in 4 to 5 months; otherwise, it may take a little longer, but you have to be patient in the business. You can do good business by being patient only in the long term. 

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